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Fish with Dynamite

There are two groups of people I am constantly amazed at. The first are white people who can flawlessly perform elaborate handshakes with black guys. The intricate movements usually resulting in a finger snap and a fist bump are amazing and I wish I could pull it off every time. Hell, I’d be satisfied to … Continue reading

Hashtag Hacky

Lord, oh Lordy, it’s been awhile! The blog has been down. The podcast is dead. My mid-section grows and my hair is thinning. I’m looking more and more like Peter Boyle without the sex appeal. Fortunately, my fair Irish skin has gotten every ray of UV in the 801 and my forehead is a beautiful, … Continue reading

The Venn Diagram

It was only a matter of time. The pushing and shoving was getting too intense, too personal for it to continue before it escalated to the next level. I had been watching it unfold since the beginning and years of doing the work, I knew it was a matter of when not if. If your … Continue reading

Fireball Tastes like a Pyrrhic Victory

Ever want to know how good sleeping till 10 am and not wetting the bed feels like? Try not drinking for a week. I took a hiatus from pounding cocktails and draining DABC beers for a week and felt…great? Well, in fairness, my sinuses were as compacted as an untreated stray dog’s backside and I … Continue reading

WWE’s Kane Might Have A Problem With Me

Funny thing happened at G. Ray Hale Fieldhouse on Tuesday. Serving at the pleasure of my editor, I went to cover West High’s last home game of the season. They were hosting the lady Lancers of Granger in basketball. I went to the game expecting a blowout. Granger handed West their lunch the first time … Continue reading

Lost In Pleasant Grove

I sliced my left middle finger open last night doing the dishes. A hidden butcher knife gashed my finger, leaving a deep incision that has been bleeding non-stop. Thank God for the good people over at Super Glue or this thing would have bled on my jeans by now. As a bartender, I am familiar … Continue reading

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