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The Year of the Mitchell

Thoughts on why Donovan Mitchell is a special player and why the Utah Jazz are moving on in the playoffs. Continue reading


Lifting the NBA Boycott

I’ve never honored a boycott before. In every self-righteous rant about the evils of Taco Bell and Walmart and vowing never to step foot into one of these death-dealers again, I’ve have quickly found myself eating a MexiMelt while walking the aisles of Sam Walton’s joint. It’s tough. For every time I’ve swore off Coors … Continue reading

The Beat Writer

Who would have thought it started with a love of musicals? A couple of years ago while tending bar at Keys On Main, a group of friends came in towards the end of the evening on a Thursday night. The room had died. The balance of the guests had left for the evening and I … Continue reading

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