Election Night 2018 Notebook

Time to hunker down. Watched the results coming in at the Casa de Beavergoat. Made some notes and some cocktails.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

  • I missed watching Chris Mathews act like a lunatic.
  • Voting for medical marijuana in state elections is ridiculous. It should be legal throughout the United States.
  • Beto O’Rourke is a really cool guy. Seems normal, progressive. Real punk rock. Probably why he traveled to every county in Texas.
  • John King loves his electronic board. Maybe a little too much.
  • Florida is a lot bigger than I thought. Also, why is the county of Monroe (Key West) Republican? Shouldn’t there be a Jimmy Buffet bump?
  • My pit bull, Magpie, still hasn’t gotten behind day light savings. Her stomach is an atomic clock when it comes to eating.
  • Brian Kemp (GA) is a real scumbag. It’s one thing for Abrams to not win, it’s another for Kemp to put his thumb on the scale.
  • Wolf Blitzer is not very calming. I still think of him as being the man on the frontline for the First Iraq War.
  • Tequila and Squirt, also known as a Paloma Cocktail, is delicious. Might be my new election night cocktail.
  • I’m surprised how much more I drink when my mother-in-law shows up to watch the results.
  • Bill Lee of Tennessee wins the governorship. Unfortunately, it’s not the bass player for the David Letterman band.
  • We didn’t have any arugula for the salad. If that doesn’t sum up my politics, I don’t know what.
  • Ross Spano (FL) looks like he’s auditioning for the lead for a community theater production of Frankenstein.
  • Third party candidates really muck everything up for everybody. Try running when the Democrats are in charge.
  • Of course, I’m rooting for the Democrats, but Jesus, CNN is really partisan.
  • Ted Cruz is a worm. I hope he’s squirming right now.
  • It would be cool if Houston put Beto over the top.
  • Chris Mathews gets more and more unhinged as the night goes along.
  • Fun Fact: Rhode Island has two congressional seats.
  • Van Jones is good looking but somebody needs to help him with his necktie.
  • 7:25 MST: No need to panic. But I am fixing another Paloma Cocktail.
  • Klobuchar just won in Minnesota. Had to remind my mother-in-law that things are actually pretty good.
  • Win or lose, it’s definitely a better election party at the Beto camp than Cruz.
  • I was pretty high to vote for Prop 2. I wish I could take credit for that joke.
  • None of this Minnesota nonsense would be happening if Al Franken was still in the Senate.
  • I feel bad for Stacey Abrams. She didn’t need to be done dirty.
  • Jason Crow (CO) just made Mike Coffman eat crow.
  • When John King hangs up the fancy board, there should be an American Idol styled show to find somebody to replace him.
  • Wow! Would have thought that Mitt Romney would win? Everybody.
  • I like Jon Tester. He’s a Pearl Jam guy.
  • Ted Cruz is a turd.
  • More than that, Ted Cruz is not just bad for Texas, he’s bad for America. Must be hard to act like a man without a backbone.
  • House of Representatives is controlled by Democrats? I’ll take that. And I’ll take another Paloma Cocktail.
  • It’s awesome to see all of these Democratic women winning congressional seats.
  • Tester looks like he’s going to win. #EvenFlow
  • Prop 2 is up 63%. I’m pretty high on that. Damn it. I wish I could take credit for that joke.
  • Very cool seeing Shireen up against Christ Stewart. I hope it holds.
  • I’m disappointed that UT Representative Man Hung is losing. Only GOP I’d vote for. Probably because Man Hung is my nickname in the locker room. Yeah, that’s an original joke.
  • I’m still stinging from the time Gene Davis (UT-3, Senate) snubbed me. He just had to say hello.
  • Governor-elect Mike Dewine (OH) doesn’t look too evil. I hope I’m not wrong.
  • I wouldn’t support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker. New broom sweeps clean. Too much baggage.
  • I’d like to see Donald Trump’s tax returns.
  • I wonder what Robert Mueller releases by Thursday.
  • Mike Espy (D-MS) going to a runoff? Crazy to think of Mississippi having two Democrats in the Senate.
  • Very sad to see Andrew Gillum concede. He is the kind of man built to represent others, with respect, intelligence and dignity. The world would be a lot better with more Andrew Gillums.
  • “If we all do good, we can all do good.” Andrew Gillum
  • Dear God, Andrew Gillum is inspirational. Florida just shot themselves in the foot, again.
  • And if your last name is Brat (VA), that’s what you are.
  • And with a last name like Finkenauer, you better be a good representative. Abby Finkenauer just won in Iowa.
  • What do you believe in? Are your beliefs strong enough to drive to every county in the state of Texas. Beto O’Rourke really is an inspiration.
  • I like that Mitt Romney’s great-great-great grandchildren stood behind him during his acceptance speech.
  • Federal elections should be national holidays.
  • Mia Love has been unbearable as my representative.
  • Just poured my fourth Paloma Cocktail. I’m ready to run for anything.
  • If your lifeline is a guy named Donald Trump, you’d probably want to take a look in the mirror.
  • What’s drier? A Utah GOP viewing party or the Bonneville Salt Flats?
  • Somebody should give Rod Decker a daytime talk show.
  • Good to see Jennifer Napier-Pearce on TV.
  • Rosie Rivera winning is good for Salt Lake. I’m glad she’s the sheriff.
  • The best part of Mia Love losing would be not following her on Twitter.
  • The Iron Stache. Sorry to see that he lost but very surprised to learn that he’s been arrested for a DUI, possession of marijuana and twice for warrants. #BlueWave
  • I don’t like that Greg Hughes is defending the president. He seems smarter than that.
  • I remember bumping (literally physically bumping) into Orrin Hatch after her won 6 years ago. He said sorry. I accepted his apology and kept walking. I wish the story was better.
  • Shireen is a ton more relatable and determined than Chris Stewart.
  • Watching KUTV. Mia Love’s viewing party is a ghost town.
  • Dan Rascon looks like he’s running for office. What’s with that Mr. Mac look?
  • Looks like McAdams/Love is too close to call. Going to bed. At 10:00 p.m. Because I’m an adult and I have to go to work tomorrow. Also, I really don’t care what happens in California.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Slept like the dead. And woke up to no decision for McAdams. Heard that Beto dropped F-bombs. After what he did, he should be allowed to drop F-bombs while drinking Jager Bombs holding a joint on TV. Sorry to see that the Big Three, Gillum, O’Rourke and Abrams, lost, but not by much. Makes you wonder how much abuse you take running for office and whether or not you have it in you to do it all again. It has to be embarrassing but politics is about putting yourself out there. You’re asking people to support you so you can support them.

The world would be better with more Gillum, O’Rourke and Abrams.

It’s amazing the number of women who were elected last night. That’s a good thing and it’s not because I’m some sort of progressive whiz or trying to act woke. Women representing us makes good sense because they are over 50 PERCENT of America. Let the representatives represent the number. Hopefully they do some good over the next two years.

Prop 2 passed. The gerrymandering measure got through. No to gas tax. (Yes, these are all Utah things.) Spencer Cox never met a TV camera he doesn’t love. If he’s not actively running for governor right now, I will eat my hat.

Was it a good night? You bet your sweet ass. Looking forward to seeing how unhinged Trump is for the next, I don’t know, two years.

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