What The Hell Is Icing?

There’s fighting, line changes, French Canadians and beer. How is it that I haven’t followed hockey before? Probably because I can’t speak a like of Russian and I don’t have the faintest idea what icing is. Because the NBA is dead to me this year, I’ve decided to follow the remaining NHL season. The problem is that I don’t have a team. Be a mensch and help me select my new squad.

6 thoughts on “What The Hell Is Icing?

  1. Icing is when a defending player hits the puck so it crosses both blue lines without coming in contact with another player, I think the rule is in place to keep play aggressive, Honestly though I am partially a fan of hockey due to the simple face that it is one of the only sports which literally jails a player for penalties, also when a fight breaks out they let them go at it till the involved parties have thrown so many blind punches that they can barely stay on their skates. Call me barbaric if you want but i think that is kinda cool.

  2. I think Icing is when one frat douche surreptitiously hands another frat douche a bottle of Bud Light Ice. And said frat douche must chug it.

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