It Takes a Politician

As of today, we’re 21 days out from the 2016 presidential election.

Three weeks and we’ll find out if Secretary Clinton wins big or if business mogul Trump take the Oval Office. I’m understand because Trump is slightly divisive there could be some real implications for control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

My biggest concern is the election is on a Tuesday and I’m pretty anxious about The Voice getting bumped because of election coverage. I know I can always watch it on VOD but it’s baloney the impending landslide is deemed more important than America’s favorite karaoke contest.

And there is no mistake about it—Donald Trump is going to get his butt kicked and it ain’t going to be pretty. For those that have been drinking the orange Kool Aid for the last 16 months, Trump cemented his downfall the moment he threw his hat in the ring.

The last non-politician to win the highest office was Dwight D. Eisenhower and he got a pass because he publicly beat up Hitler. Before Eisenhower, only Hoover, Grant and Taylor got the win. Every other winner was a professional politician. The last ten presidents were pols and I don’t see a path for anybody other than previously elected figures to win the office.

The system is rigged to keep ideologists, revolutionaries, outsiders, hack jobs, crazy people and even normal, sane folks out of the White House—just ask Senator Sanders—and that’s a good thing. It’s because Trump failed to recognize this very simple, identifiable point, he is going to get crushed in a way not seen since 1984.

To win a national election, you need to be organized, well financed and established. While presidential elections have parallels to running a corporation, a presidential campaign is its own beast. It’s bigger than anything you can imagine and involves thousands of people—most of which are volunteers. Trump claims to understand money better than any other American, but it’s doubtful he could comprehend that HRC has raised Tonga’s GNP in her quest to win the office.

He thinks he’s slick but Clinton is slicker. It’s in her genes and she’s been running for president since she could walk. She’s calculated, experienced and extremely intelligent. But more towards her advantage is she’s been here before. Knowing what not to do is sometimes more important especially after learning firsthand what it feels like to almost win the presidency. Moreover, Clinton passes the stink test, even though she has a closet full of ghosts, and I trust she isn’t going to start lobbing nukes minutes after the swearing-in.

Simply put, Clinton is a touring metropolitan symphony and Trump is a Saturday drum circle at a local park.

Friends threatened to move to Canada if Trump wins but these ding-dongs didn’t have the juevos to bounce after Bush II. As much as I disliked living under a George W. Bush presidency, you had to give it to him that he knew how to win. Politicians only have one responsibility and it’s to win elections. GW had no problem dispatching Al Gore because he surrounded himself with immoral goons who fought like pit bulls until their man got the bronze ring.

My liberal friends cried and whined over the fact that Bush stole the 2000 election. Tears fell into their glasses of California pinot noir. They sobbed about hanging chads and how Karl Rove’s bifurcated tail hijacked the presidency, but at no time did they recognize that Bush had what it took to take the rock across the goal line. If Gore was half as tenacious and ready for battle, he never would have conceded the election, demanded countless recounts and disputed the Supreme Court ruling.

This is what separates the politician from the person.

People have ethics, principles and standards. Politicians do not. Trump is attractive to those that feel disenfranchised because he might be the only candidate who will govern the same way he campaigned. His base won’t be disappointed by his presidency because he has given no indication that he would act differently if he wins.

The act of winning justifies the victory. Ipso facto. Just as corporations are only beholding to their bottom line, the only equation politicians must hold true is 50% + 1 of the electoral. And it rarely gets brought up that the only other rule is to win reelection.

This is why voters are constantly disappointed in their politicians. Voters assume elected officials will stop running once they win and will govern as the person. But they don’t. Politics is a blood sport and it’s always been Thunderdome. And if you think for a millisecond that Clinton isn’t Mad Max fighting Master Blaster, you’re sorely mistaken.

The difference between Clinton and Trump is that HRC is saying the right thing to enough people and not offending enough of the rest. Her campaign has been mostly positive and she has demonstrated throughout both her career and candidacy that she is ready to serve as President. She’s played toward the middle whereas Trump has lived in along the fringe.

But what if she had to run against Ted Cruz or one of the other buffoons from the GOP? Can you imagine the campaign Clinton would have run? It would have been brutal. I guarantee she would have jumped from the high road flinging mud to decimate her opponent. The fact that Trump has self-destructed from the word go is the only reason we haven’t seen HRC snap into honey badger mode. Trump’s incompetence as a politician has freed Clinton to remain above the fray. He handed her the presidency because he thinks he’s running for an Emmy, not commander-in-chief.

Donald Trump is going to miss having a Secret Service detail because on November 9, he’ll be back to having privately paid, jack booted thugs guarding him. He’ll return to his gilded palace in New York and will watch (and judge) from afar as Clinton activates her transition team. The only consolation prize he can hope for is a call from Walter Mondale.

Ben Raskin is a communications writer for USANA Health Sciences. He also bartends at Keys On Main Wednesdays and Thursday. Follow him on Twitter @BennyRaskin. He is much more concerned about Doug Owens defeating Mia Love than saying the words, Emperor Trump.




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