Salt Lake City PubCast

PubCasting in SugarhouseWhat’s a podcast? A podcast is a streaming audio file that can be downloaded. Imagine an on-demand radio station that that doesn’t have commercials and you can use the F-word.

What’s a PubCast? A PubCast is a podcast with a case of Miller Lite in the host.

Salt Lake City Pubcast is my blog in a played through your ear buds. Too often there are things I want to discuss that can’t be done with the written word. It’s a chance to have a conversation and use a little something I call, The Theatre of the Mind. It’s the yammering on that I do behind the bar recorded and sent into the interweb. The PubCast is a chance of hearing my nasally, whiny voice talk about anything from sports, politics, local affairs and you name it. I’ll invite friends and have guests join in the chatter.

Subscribe to the SLC PubCast on iTunes. Make comments. Be a mensch and tell a friend.

iTunes link coming very soon…



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